The Difference Between Canvas and Glass Frames

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The Difference Between Canvas and Glass Frames

You may be confused about the difference between a canvas and a glass frame.24x36 acrylic frame Do you know what's the difference between an acrylic frame and a glass frame? And what type of photography is being displayed on it?

Acrylic and glass are both type of glass that has been processed in a way to prevent cracks and breakage.24x36 acrylic frame 24x36 acrylic frame One of the greatest advantages of acrylic is that it lasts longer than glass, and this makes it a popular choice for canvas as well. It also takes less time to apply, so there is no wait while the frame cures before it can be mounted. Glass doesn't crack or break like acrylic and is extremely scratch resistant. There is a very low likelihood of small scratches appearing on your canvas, and if there is, you can sand them off easily and then have the frame re-coated.

If there are very small indentations on your canvas due to the weather or heavy winds, you can sand them off easily. Then you can use the same clear coat you used to coat the frame before you mount it on the wall. This will prevent the marks from showing.

Canvas is often used for large prints, and because it is almost indestructible, you can stack them in endless ways. There is nothing that you can do with an acrylic frame that you can't do with a glass frame. If you want to display an art print, acrylic is ideal.

Glass is an inert material that does not hold up well under the weight of your favorite photograph. Also, it will warp and crack under the strain.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is made with a polyester material that makes it very strong and durable. This is why it is perfect for larger prints.

What type of frame should you get? Canvas will have to be covered with a protective layer that allows sunlight to pass through and protects the canvas from scratches.

Acrylic can be mounted on a single flat surface, but if you choose this method, you will probably be stuck with a small frame. You may even need to work with a pro, unless you know what you're doing and have some experience with glass frames.

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