How to Properly Clean Tizo Acrylic Frames

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How to Properly Clean Tizo Acrylic Frames

Tizo acrylic frames are long term, durable and non-porous. The good news is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Here are some common tips for doing so.

Tizo frames have a gloss finish on the outside. You can use a lint free cloth to wipe them off. Make sure to do this often to keep the frame clean.

Before you use the frame, you should put it away in a dry and airy place to avoid warping or other damage due to moisture. It's also a good idea to iron whenever it gets wet. If you don't know how to do this, ask the Tizo staff. We recommend the use of a linen or white sheet that can be placed over a heater in the house to dry.

You can store Tizo frames in drawers. When you first buy a frame, you'll find it in a drawer, but they are meant to be placed in a wall cavity or box. To allow the frame to breathe, you can place a piece of wooden board or a piece of wood and your frame will sit in that. You can also find plastic storage bins that fit nicely with the frames.

When it comes to cleaning Tizo acrylic frames, make sure you do it properly. That way you won't damage the finish or dent the frame.

A rule of thumb when using detergent on your frame is to use a soft cloth when cleaning it. You shouldn't have to scrub too hard or it will scratch the finish. If you find that you have to scrub, then use a lint free cloth and a toothbrush to do so.

If you spill liquid, wipe the liquid off immediately or it can stain the frame. You can also use an eraser or tissue to clean it. You can also use the cleaning cloth to wipe it off if it doesn't come off the first time.

Tizo acrylic frames should be cleaned regularly to ensure that they last. These tips will help you stay organized and keep your frame clean and new looking.

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